Cell spy zed goggles

Cell phone spy zed goggles
SPY Doom vs Bravo Goggles - SportRx

Schertz, TX, US. Purchased over 5 years ago. They go over your eyes! These are comfortable, didn't fog up up once during a 2 week Tahoe trip with mixed conditions. They fit well with and without a helmet. I got the black with mirrored lens, and it came with the orange spare lens, that I should have brought but didn't. February 14, David B.

Spy Optic Zed Snow Goggles | Free Shipping over $49!

Chino, CA, US. Purchased over 3 years ago. February 15, John J. Purchased over 2 years ago. Fit great with or without a helmet. Shade a little too dark for night and overcast days but perfect for sunshine. March 22, Eric D. Reviews for Similar Products. Questions that need answers My Posts. Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered.

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Learn More. Browse 6 questions Browse 6 questions and 30 answers. Why did you choose this? I liked the blocky look.

Cell phone spy zed goggles

Dany U on Jan 24, Freakin' Sweet Corey W on Nov 28, Dual lens Scott V on Feb 2, Grandson selected for snowboarding Sandra H on Dec 22, Great goggles, great price, great optics. Lawrence C on Dec 14, William G on Oct 13, Lex M on Aug 22, Great deal James J on Dec 22, SPY is a good goggle brand I like the fact that these come with 2 lens choices. Jay K on Feb 2, Looks Sick Great Reviews. Mark M on Feb 19, Been running a load of different goggles for a couple years now and Spy's always are the best.

Best on fogging, good look, good value, and great fit without compromises. Still UV rated and dual layer lenses for cheap.

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Plus they fit MX helmets great. Andrew W on Jan 21, Spy always produces good products, and I needed goggles Logan S on Dec 16, Is the free bonus lens a different color? Ben B on Oct 24, It came yellow lens for foggy days! Yes, its just a normal yellow lens. Yeah there yellow. The capacity of our manufacturers to manufacture our products is dependent in substantial part, upon the availability of raw materials used in the fabrication of sunglasses and goggles.

Any shortage of raw materials or inability of a manufacturer to procure from other vendors or to manufacture or ship our products in a timely manner, or at all, could impair our ability to ship orders of our products in a timely manner and could cause us to miss the delivery requirements of our customers. As a result, we could experience cancellation of orders, refusal to accept deliveries or a reduction in purchase prices, any of which could harm our net sales, results of operations and reputation.

Our manufacturers may experience shortages of raw materials and other production delays, which have resulted in, and may in the future result in, delays in deliveries of our products of up to several months. Any interruption or termination of our relationships with our manufacturers could harm our business. The vast majority of our goggle products are manufactured by OGK in China. We do not have long-term agreements with any of our manufacturers other than LEM.

We cannot be certain that we will not experience difficulties with our manufacturers, such as reductions in the availability of production capacity, errors in complying with product specifications, insufficient quality control, failures to meet production deadlines or increases in manufacturing costs and failures to comply with our requirements for the proper utilization of our intellectual property. In addition, our international manufactures are subject to economic, regulatory and market conditions in their respective countries. Most of our manufacturers have extended credit to us and there can be no assurances that they will continue to do so on commercially reasonable terms or at all.

If our relationship with any of our manufacturers is interrupted or terminated for any reason, including the failure of any manufacturer to perform its obligations to us, we would need to locate alternative manufacturing sources. The establishment of new manufacturing relationships involves numerous uncertainties, and we may not be able to obtain alternative manufacturing sources in a manner that would enable us to meet our customer orders on a timely basis or on satisfactory commercial terms.

cell phone spy zed goggles

Share-Based Compensation. Our use of hand painting techniques and specialized trims, including metal logos, hinges and temple plates, help us to create distinctive premium sunglasses and goggles. Compensation and benefits. Other operating expense. We strive to design products that continuously evolve in style and performance and remain attractive to core consumers in our target markets and to our retail accounts. Our performance depends on general economic conditions and their impact on consumer confidence and discretionary consumer spending both domestically and internationally, which have weakened significantly over the past several years and may remain depressed for the foreseeable future. Property, plant and equipment, net.

If we are required to change any of our major manufacturers, we would likely experience increased costs, substantial disruptions and delays in the manufacture and shipment of our products and a loss of net sales. Any failure to maintain ongoing sales through our independent sales representatives or maintain our international distributor relationships could harm our business.

We sell our products to retail locations in the United States and internationally through retail locations serviced by us through our direct sales team and a network of independent sales representatives in the United States and Canada, and through our international distributors.

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We rely on these independent sales representatives and distributors to provide customer contacts and market our products directly to our customer base. Our independent sales representatives are not obligated to continue selling our products, and they may terminate their arrangements with us at any time with limited notice. We generally do not have long-term agreements with our. Table of Contents international distributors.

Our ability to maintain or increase our net sales will depend in large part on our success in developing and maintaining relationships with our independent sales representatives and our international distributors. It is possible that we may not be able to maintain or expand these relationships successfully or secure agreements with additional sales representatives or distributors on commercially reasonable terms, or at all. Any failure to develop and maintain our relationships with our independent sales representatives or our international distributors, and any failure of our independent sales representatives or international distributors to effectively market our products, could harm our net sales.

We face business, political, operational, financial and economic risks because a significant portion of our operations and sales are to customers outside of the United States. Our European sales and administration operations are located in Italy. During , we purchased a majority of our sunglass products approximately equally from one manufacturer in China and from LEM in Italy, and in the future, believe we will purchase a greater portion of our sunglasses sourced from China. In addition, a majority of our goggle products are manufactured by OGK in China. We are subject to risks inherent in international business, many of which are beyond our control, including:.

Any of these factors could reduce our net sales, decrease our gross margins or increase our expenses. Table of Contents Fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates could harm our results of operations.

Cell phone spy zed goggles

We sell a majority of our products in transactions denominated in U. However, we own a ten percent equity interest in one of our suppliers in Italy and purchase products from that supplier in transactions denominated in Euros. We also sell our products in Canada in transactions denominated in the Canadian Dollar and in Europe in transactions denominated in Euros. If the U.

Dollar weakens against the Euro or the Canadian Dollar in the future, our revenue and cost of sales could be negatively impacted. Because the effect of foreign exchange rates on our financial results can be significant, we have engaged in the past, and may in the future engage in, certain hedging activities to mitigate over time the impact of the translation of foreign currencies on our financial results. Our hedging activities have in the past reduced, but have not eliminated, the effects of foreign currency fluctuations.

Factors that could impact the effectiveness of our hedging activities include the volatility of currency markets and the availability of hedging instruments. The degree to which our financial results are affected has depended in part upon the effectiveness of our hedging activities.

If we fail to secure or protect our intellectual property rights, or upon expiration of our intellectual property rights, competitors may be able to use our technologies, which could weaken our competitive position, reduce our net sales or increase our costs. We rely on patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and trade dress laws to protect our proprietary rights with respect to product designs, product research and trademarks. Our efforts to protect our intellectual property may not be effective and may be challenged by third parties. Despite our efforts, third parties may have violated and may in the future violate our intellectual property rights.

In addition, other parties may independently develop similar or competing technologies. If we fail to protect our proprietary rights adequately, our competitors could imitate our products using processes or technologies developed by us and thereby potentially harm our competitive position and our financial condition. We are also susceptible to injury from parallel trade i.

Infringement claims and lawsuits likely would be expensive to resolve and would require substantial management time and resources.

Any adverse determination in litigation could subject us to the loss of our rights to a particular patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret, could require us to obtain licenses from third parties, could prevent us from manufacturing, selling or using certain aspects of our products or could subject us to substantial liability, any of which would harm our results of operations. Since we sell our products internationally and are dependent on foreign manufacturing in Italy and China, we also are dependent on the laws of foreign countries to protect our intellectual property.

These laws may not protect intellectual property rights to the same extent or in the same manner as the laws of the U. Although we will continue to devote substantial resources to the establishment and protection of our intellectual property on a worldwide basis, we cannot be certain that these efforts will be successful or that the costs associated with protecting our rights abroad will not be significant.

We may face significant expenses and liability in connection with the protection of our intellectual property rights both inside and outside of the United States and, if we are unable to successfully protect our intellectual property rights or resolve any conflicts, our results of operations may be harmed. Table of Contents We may be subject to claims by third parties for alleged infringement of their proprietary rights, which are costly to defend, could require us to pay damages and could limit our ability to use certain technologies in the future.

Some of these claims may lead to litigation. Any intellectual property lawsuit, whether or not determined in our favor or settled, could be costly, could harm our reputation and could divert our management from normal business operations. Adverse determinations in litigation could subject us to significant liability and could result in the loss of our proprietary rights.

A successful lawsuit against us could also force us to cease sales or to develop redesigned products or brands. In addition, we could be required to seek a license from the holder of the intellectual property to use the infringed technology, and it is possible that we may not be able to obtain a license on reasonable terms, or at all.

If we are unable to redesign our products or obtain a license, we may have to discontinue a particular product offering. If we fail to develop a non-infringing technology on a timely basis or to license the infringed technology on acceptable terms, our business, financial condition and results of operations could be harmed. If we fail to manage any growth that we might experience, our business could be harmed and we may have to incur significant expenditures to address this growth. If we experience growth in our operations, our operational and financial systems, procedures and controls may need to be expanded and we may need to train and manage an increasing number of employees, any of which will distract our management team from our business plan and involve increased expenses.