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We ignored their putting-ons.

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They ignored our lawn displays. Beauty only serves the eyes-- the hands require more, it seems.

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Learning Image and Description. Are they not continually putting distemper'd corpses within you? By Austin Allen. Her eyes convey concern as her head slowly rises up from mine. To reverse Blake, the Heart knows as much as the Eye sees. The poem also inspired or influenced several adaptations.

She found him much to her surprise in the bed of Mrs. Our bowels loosen when we die, that's true for every mortal man-- they found him, bullet in the eye, he'd drug himself into the can. Dignity died by its own law-- with manners born and bred, with sins that noone ever saw and a bullet in the head. Children of Their Own There one was a rich woman back in eighteen ninety-three, she was a well-established wife at the age of forty, and she had born no children since she lost one long ago, her husband blamed himself for that, but neither of them could know.

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They had a big country estate, went back hundreds of years, and all of England knew of them, from commoners to peers, with some of the finest gardens that your eyes even could see, all maintained by a teenager who could grow up prize lilies. Now this boy had seen sixteen years, an orphan with no kin, and so the lord and the lady did try to be nice to him.

They let him live in the gatehouse, ensured he always had food, made sure he came to their parties to smooth off the edges rude. Rumors said they would adopt him and make the boy their own, more and more people saw the lad inside the mighty home. The woman could be a mother, and the boy have real parents, people did see, they all agreed, that it seemed heaven-sent.

The husband was a business man, he traveled all the time. What had happened between the two bobody could rightly tell, until three short months later when her belly began to swell. Folks though it would be a scandal when her husband returned, cuckolded within your own house, enough to make men burn. But it soon became clear to all he thought the child was his, and went around telling people of this miraculous gift. The husband was so jubilant, soon by all it was known, he and his wife had so long prayed for children of their own.

And the man was just so happy, you could see it in his eyes, no one had the heart to tell him that his wife did cheat and lie.

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Best imagined as an old celtic folk song. Sorry, this post can only be viewed by registered users: Jezebel - Sweet P. Defrauding my health plan-- only the beginning of tragic. My denial is closed though my book, open wide. I keep nothing a secret, oh except all that's inside. Does that make me a liar? Shame on a platter of cruel and I don't even care I mourn the wrong things, to my refill date gripped.

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He is the secret I can never reveal the best lover I ever have known. I've nothing to give but my body Hopelessly hooked on him like a drug wanting him day and night. Dead is the conscience I knew so well and morals Clarity now blurry in a love-drunk slurry- the 'good me' has gone astray. To lay with him is playing with fire, the flames, they burn me alive. Leaving me marred, hurting and scarred- the pain on which I thrive. Loving him breaks me I die a little more each passing day until again, I get lost in those eyes All doubts go away, so for now I'll stay living this life of lies.

You can't always help who you fall in love with Continue reading Evelyn Genao May The way your lips touched mine. Without meaning. Without feelings. I missed them. Your kisses. Your attention. My heart.

I saw it. The way your eyes drifted to others. Never straying to mine.

Never filled with the same spark. Always dull. It hurts. You would say it. Those three words. Not to me. Never to me.

To the others. They always got your love. I got your hate. Your anger. Never to be near you. Never to hold hands. Not in public. We did not know each other. They would get the wrong idea. You were embarrassed. To be seen. With me. I was your puppet. You pulled the strings. And I obeyed your commands. You never loved. Not me. Never me. I was your toy. Something you could throw away.

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Take it. Of feelings. Of pain. Of love. Of hate.

You are the king. Just a piece on your board. I loved you. More than anything. I let you use me. Hurt me. If I got to be with you. Nothing else mattered. I saw a prompt and this poem came to mind. I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think.

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