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Fast downloads of the latest free software! smart-phones, tablets and computers into a mobile security system with great features such as location tracking, Remote buzz Locate your phone quickly by using remote buzz. The priceless software application "Phonetracker Location Center 4 Free" enables you to track one mobile object in real time. As real time tracking device the software application Phonetracker Locator PC works running on windows PC like a netbook. From this point the GPS position.

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Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. This app allows to track every action made on personal computer or laptop. Mobile Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices. Our tool is designed to collect data on the location of the target device, and you will get instant information on your own mobile. You will notice that the list of map sources is not very long - especially compared to older versions of MOBAC. One obvious time when this is a very good idea is when you sell your phone.

Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form. LockItTight LiT for short provides computer tracking and monitoring services for assets tracking, theft recovery assistance and parental control purpose. After you sign up, and install the client software on your computer, the client software will consistently report locations, screen captures, webcam shots, key logs, clipboard messages, and browser history from your computers and phones your account on LockItTight.

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You can access the reports using a browser. For Android phones, you get location tracking, photos taken, call and text logging.

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How much does it cost? There is a basic service available for everyone, free of charge. We have also introduced paid services with more devices per user, higher report frequency, full size screen shots, and move saved reports.

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Please review the details and pricing plans link: cost. I have a question, suggestion, or need to report a problem, how do I contact LockItTight? You can send emails to support LockItTight. How do I install the client software? You may download the client installer and follow the very easy guide to install it. How do I un-install the client software? The client software will be automatically un-installed shortly after the you delete a device from your account on the server. How do I update the client software?

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The client software automatically updates itself to the latest version we post on our server. In case there are problems with the automatic updating, you may also download the latest client software and install it manually. Why sometimes is my location not accurate? When wifi is not available on the computer, turned off, or the surrounding wi-fi signals are insufficient, the positioning method falls back to IP geo-mapping, which is much less accurate.

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Skyhook is constantly improving their geo-mapping database for other areas in the world. If your area does not have good Shyhook coverage, even if you have wi-fi signals, you may not get accurate location, since the location of the wi-fi routers may not be available for the calculation. You can check the wi-fi coverage in your area here.

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A quicker way to improve the accuracy now is to submit the location of your wi-fi access points to Skyhook. This would benefit all who uses Skyhook for location based applications including LockItTight. The more people submit locations, the more accurate the locations will be for that area. Once again this will help you to keep track of family members but is also of great use to business users to ensure that tracked employees are performing their duties to the best of their ability and driving within the confines of the law.

The duration of trips can be recorded as can the maximum speed attained which keeps everyone accountable for their own actions, something that other apps that provide cell phone tracking for free cannot match.


The application provides the ability to fine-tune the GPS tracker, increasing or decreasing the accuracy of the tracking as necessary. If the user of one of your tracked devices experiences a problem and you need to get to them quickly, this mobile phone GPS tracker app will allow you to pinpoint their exact location and get there as soon as possible.

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